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Last updated 7:43 PM on 20 February 2014

Dear Parents,

From time to time during the school year students have the opportunity to watch movies for various reasons, including:

  •  Part of reading and listening programs when books they are looking at also have movie versions as well
  • Supporting classroom research
  • Wet weather lunches

 These movies will be viewed under the guidance of a classroom teacher.

This permission note will allow your child to watch these movies for the duration of their Stage 2 schooling at Gerringong Public School. It is important to note that prior to your child's teacher showing the class a PG rated movie, parents will still be informed and have the opportunity to withdraw your child from viewing the movie. Please fill in permission note attached to give your consent to your child viewing PG movies under the guidance of a classroom teacher and with the understanding that parents will be informed of the movie prior to the movie being viewed.

As part of our UOI and English study this term the teachers of Stage 2 would like to use the children's tv series of My Place to support the teaching and learning of the book. If you do not wish your child to view this PG movie under the guidance of their teacher, please return the note attached (page 2).

If you are happy for your child to participate in this teaching and learning experience, there is no follow up to this note as long as you have filled in and returned the PG permission note.

Gila Adams

Stage 2 Assistant Principal

Permission to watch PG (doc 1506 KB)