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Last updated 4:39 PM on 22 May 2015

3AB and 3/4M have recently completed ACTION for their Unit of Inquiry - Exploration Impacted on Australia. Students were asked to reflect on their learning, we wanted to share some of their quotes with you.

Important things I have learned:
'That Captain Cook discovered New Zealand and the East Coast of Australia'. Riley
'People thought that the world was flat!' Olivia
'About Captain Cook's ship and how to make a model ship'. Jonah

I really liked:
'Moving around from class to class during Tuning In to find out different things about how Exploration Impacted on Australia'. Lola
'Learning about how the Aboriginal people lived before the arrival of the Europeans'. Will
'Completing action because I liked teaching our buddies about what we have learned'. Ella

I still wonder:
'Why the English people lived in such terrible conditions in England at the time of the first fleet?' Kate
'How did Bennelong become friends with Captain Arthur Phillip?' Lola
'How Australia got its name?' Bailey
'If the English early settlers used fishing rods in Australia?' Riley
'If there is more land that we don't know about?' Alarni

Ms Adams, Mrs Brown and Mrs McDonald