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Last updated 7:18 AM on 6 May 2014

 Student Reports

Each year the school sends home two reports to parents. The Semester 1 Report normally goes out at the end of Term 2 and is followed by an interview with your child's teacher.

This year we are revising our school report to align with the new NSW Syllabus in English and Mathematics and to provide parents with more detail for each Key Learning Area and our Inquiry approach to learning.

The implementation timeline in changing the formatting of our reports, entering the data, the approval, printing, distribution of reports and parent / teacher interviews in an 8 week period is very difficult. This has resulted in a decision being made that parents will receive their child's report at the beginning of Term 3. Interviews will also be held at the beginning of Term 3. We are sure parents will find our improved Student Reports informative. An example of the new report will be presented at the next P&C meeting on the 19th May.