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Last updated 9:31 AM on 29 July 2015
In August Australia celebrates Book Week with the theme Books Light Up Our World.  In the library we are looking at some of the shortlisted books.  This week we discovered The Stone Lion by Margaret Wild.  A delightful tale of a stone lion who wishes to be alive.  Mrs Dougall's Year One children wrote some reviews.
Emily C: I think the moral of this fable is :  Good things will happen when you have a kind and generous heart
Abby H: This tale is about a selfish, stone lion who wants to move.  He needs a kind and generous heart to move.  It is a heart-warming story that is so beautifully illustrated it is believable.  I love this story because it teaches a lesson – not to be selfish.
Lacey McL: This story is heart-warming.  Margaret Wild has written a fascinating story.  It is really a fable and the moral is that if you want to become alive you have to have a generous heart.  The lion is very selfish at the beginning of the story and then he becomes  selfless.
Aurora F: This tale is a fantasy and the beautiful  illustrations make me feel the emotions of the characters.  If you read this book, I guarantee you will feel both sad and happy.